Anthony Thompson And Company partners have financial investigators and forensic accountants have deep experience in the tracing and recovery of assets, borne of successful careers at some of the largest law enforcement agencies and consulting firms in the world. All financial frauds produce money trails, and our professionals have made careers out of “following the money” and recovering significant proceeds from those frauds on behalf of victims. The ease with which funds can be moved around the world when coupled with the lack of transparency into the true beneficial owners of bank accounts creates unique challenges for each company that is defrauded.

Tracing assets in today’s world isn’t easy, but our professionals have made careers out of “following the money” and recovering significant proceeds on behalf of victims of financial fraud. But following the money in today’s world isn’t easy; it requires true expertise. Our financial investigators, who are experts in asset tracing, work with senior financial crime compliance experts who hail from some of the largest international financial institutions in the world. These experts have decades of exposure to money launderers who attempted to hide proceeds of crime and truly understand the use of complex, offshore shell companies designed to conceal ownership. Collaboration between our worldwide financial investigators, compliance experts, and an unparalleled investigative team creates a uniquely efficient and effective approach to finding and recovering assets.

Our professionals also have deep experience working in foreign jurisdictions while fully complying with local regulations to identify and recover ill-gotten assets. Our skill set effectively lends itself to both public and private sector clients seeking to identify, freeze, and recover assets misappropriated and/or subject to forfeiture. We also have deep experience tracing assets for clients seeking to assess counterparties’ financial health before initiating potentially costly and time consuming litigation.

Our asset tracing efforts use the expertise of a capable research team, which includes more than 70 full-time researchers operating out of the U.S., UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore, who speak more than 25 languages at a native or fluent level. In fact, our public record expertise is a critical compliment to the asset-tracing assignments that our teams of financial investigators and forensic accountants tackle. Whether it’s mapping out the relevant connections of a subject’s social media network or establishing links through a complex network of overlapping entities, professionals use the latest visualization tools to assist with bringing clarity to these complex relationships.

In addition to research and financial investigation, asset tracing engagements often require insight or intelligence gathered from sources on the ground in jurisdictions around the world. We will regularly call on our partners deep and diverse source network to help provide color and context to issues identified by financial investigators or through public record research.

Once we have identified hidden assets, we turn to the recovery phase. During this phase, we work with our experienced network of lawyers, investigators, and analysts throughout the world to ensure the necessary and legally sufficient steps are taken to freeze the funds, eventually returning them to the victims.